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Top 10 Laundry Room Must Haves

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Happy 2018!

We at Haute Hamper want to help you start the year off clean, so here are the Top 10 things you should have in your laundry room...including our number!

1. A good Enzymatic Detergent - We all love to eat and inevitably the food ends up on our clothes. Enzymes help to remove those types of stains.

2. Stain stick and Pre-wash - Water alone does not clean your clothes.

3. Laundry baskets - Be prepared to remove your laundry quickly from your dryer. Most wrinkles set within 5 minutes of the buzzer going off. Remove and "fluff" your clothes out and fold them later.

4. Gentle Fabric Soap - Remember those days at camp or traveling after college. Hand washing is not a thing of the past. It is what helps keep your fine items fine.

5. Drying Rack - Dry flat instructions on a clothing label is a bit deceiving. All things dry faster and evenly with air flow.

6. Hangers - Your "Wash no Dry" items should be hung to allow for proper drying. Nothing worse than your things smelling like mildew.

7. Mesh Bags - Keep those socks together! It's not a bad idea to also wash your bras and delicates in them as well.

8. Iron and Board - They are easy to use and your clothes will look great. (Don't forget to unplug!)

9. Vacuum - Clean that lint filter. Clothes can not dry in a dryer when the airflow is constricted. Try breathing with a towel over your mouth..not so easy.

10. Haute Hamper's phone number 888-982-5326. We will do it all for you!!!

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