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Camp dirt out!

It's always an

exhilarating day


to welcome the kids back from their summer adventures. The best hug of the year. Hear all the best summer stories. Prepare their favorite home cooked meal. But then, you turn around and you're left with the smelliest, filthiest, stained pile of: clothing, towels, sleeping bags and bedding you have ever seen!

Haute Hamper

your concierge of clean

is here to rescue your glorious day!

Before ever letting that camp trunk into the door, we will be there to pick it up to: clean, disinfect and deodorize the trunk and everything in it. We will pack it up and deliver it back to you ready for next summer.

$239 per camper*

*Up to 50 lbs of laundry (clothing, towels, bedding, one comforter), up to 2 soft trunks, lights and darks separated, 1 sleeping bag, pick up and delivery. Excludes: pillows, stuffed animals, shoes, toys, sporting equipment

Camp trunk
Camping gear cleaned and delivered by Haute Hamper.

Fill out the following form

and specify the date that your trunk(s)

will be coming home so we can

intercept the dirt!

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