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A strict step by step process must be adhered to in order to clean, restore and brighten rugs of all kinds, extending their lives and preserving your investment.

1. Haute Hamper Picks Up Your Rug: We carefully roll up the rugs and brings them to our rug cleaning facility.

2. Examination: Our experienced staff thoroughly examine each and every rug. Each rug receives its own recommended cleaning process depending on the type, age, condition and specific issues of the rug.

3. Washing: Our high-end deep cleaning for fine rugs, soap wash, hand wash and dry cleaning, for fine or delicate rugs, including handmade and silk, even emergency cleaning and repair for when you need immediate service. Whatever rug you need restored to its original brilliance, Haute Hamper will make it happen.

4. Drying & Packaging: All rugs are heat dried, the rugs are then re-examined and individually wrapped to be delivered back to our customers.

5. Delivery: We deliver your rugs back to your home, unroll them and reset your home.

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