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Upholstery cleaning


Are the pieces of furniture around your New York home in bad shape? Spot cleaning an armchair, a couch, an ottoman, or any other padded seat may slightly remove stains in a pinch; however, household cleaners are not always reliable. They often will not suffice as foolproof cleaning treatments. You should not have to struggle with maintaining your upholstery any longer. Haute Hamper, also known as Your Concierge of Clean, will bring their premier upholstery cleaning service to you.

Upholstery cleaning is not just about the obvious pieces of furniture, though. A professional upholstery cleaning can revive any textile used on a small or large piece of furniture. This service can restore household furnishings as well. Whether you are in need of remedying a pesky stain or a complete textile revamp, Haute Hamper is happy to lend a helping hand using top-of-the-line upholstery cleaning products, equipment, and techniques. Oh, and did we mention our upholstery cleaning service is completed at your New York house or apartment? Haute Hamper offers safe at-home upholstery cleaning to ensure customer convenience and satisfaction.

At Haute Hamper, we abide by a streamlined process in order to clean and restore upholstered furniture or furnishings of all shapes and sizes. This extends the lifespan of each piece while also preserving your initial investment.


1. Haute Hamper Arrival: Once the upholstery cleaning service has been scheduled, an experienced staff member will arrive at your home. The Haute Hamper staff member will bring the proper cleaning products and equipment to safely conduct the cleaning service. No-contact interactions with household members and other miscellaneous items are encouraged.

2. Examination: Haute Hamper will thoroughly examine each and every piece of upholstered furniture that qualifies for a deep cleaning. Each piece of furniture or furnishing receives its own recommended cleaning process depending on its unique type, age, and condition.

3. Washing: Haute Hamper uses high-end cleaning products to cater to your furniture’s needs. We are stocked with the right soaps, solvents, and cleaners crucial to completing a thorough, yet gentle, upholstery cleaning. These products preserve your textiles, so you can continue to use your furniture or furnishings for years to come. Delicate fabrics, like silk, lace, velvet, suede, or leather, can also be restored. No matter the circumstance, Haute Hamper is prepared to carefully cleanse your furniture or décor.

4. Drying: Each piece of cleaned upholstered furniture is gently heat dried. A deodorizer and protectant will be applied to the upholstery. That way, your furniture or furnishings can withstand future impurities, like water-based stains, dry product stains, or day-to-day wear and tear. The finished pieces are then re-examined by Haute Hamper’s upholstery professionals.


5. Completion: Your upholstery is all set!


With our concierge upholstery cleaning service, your New York home will feel bright, purified, and refreshed. No textile or fabric is too complex for Haute Hamper to safely clean. Don’t wait to schedule your upholstery cleaning service. Contact our professional cleaners at Haute Hamper to reserve your at-home upholstery revamp today.

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