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Never Do The Laundry Again! Stop lugging those overflowing bags and hampers to and from the laundry room. Stop struggling with transferring the wet clothing from the washer to the dryer. Stop picking out the lint from that gross catcher!

Whether you are a working family, college student, living the bachelor life or wanting to save precious time, Haute Hamper's concierge wash and fold service has the right plan for you.

Just toss your laundry over to the Haute Hamper and we will:

  1. Pick it up

  2. Wash and carefully dry them (avoiding shrinkage at all costs!)

  3. Fold your garments

  4. Match your socks

  5. Deliver them back to your home, fresh, clean and neat!

Schedule Wash & Fold Pick Up
or call 888.98.CLEAN
New customers - use code WASH to save $20!

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